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Updates on New Church Building Construction

From hammers to nails, the dedication of church members in building their churches continue...

Due to lack of tools and equipment, all mixing of cements are done manually.
Re-construction of the walls of UCGMI - Calapugan, Philippines

The building of the mother church in the Philippines continues. The project is currently being led by a one of our Pastors, Carlo Fabro. The posts and painting of the aluminum roofs are progressing.. the walls are re-paved and finished.

One of the workers must spoon and splash the cement with glue on the wall before it is pressed and smoothed out.
The walls are pressed timely and smoothed onto the walls manually.

Church beautification brings people together. Their God-given skills are being utilized and sharpened in the work of the Lord. People are encouraged as civic engagement is bringing church members as others are being encouraged to watch.

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